Every year, thousands of people converge on Barcelona for one of the world’s biggest and glitziest tech conferences: Mobile World Congress. MWC is by all measures an absolutely massive event, almost overwhelming in its scale. Aside from being a popular venue to launch apps, announce new (and old) phones, and even show off concept cars, MWC is also a fun place to admire the coolest booths in the industry. Here are some of the more unique, noteworthy booths on the showroom floor this year – starting with an explanation of the design philosophy behind our own booth.
This is Baidu’s second year to attend MWC, and our booth design changed considerably from 2016. Check out the comparison shots below.
First, here’s our booth in 2016:


… and here’s our booth this year (Hall 8.1, App Planet Stand 8.1/G20):


mwc 2
There were many things we changed in 2017 based on our experience last year. First, we gave a nod to the brilliant Spanish architect Gaudí with a series of illuminated hanging curtains. At the same time, we also paid homage to Baidu’s Chinese heritage by giving out gifts of folding fans and tea to our guests. Perhaps the most obvious difference is that we’ve opened up two walls instead of just one. This helps create a more welcome and open feeling, and improves the flow of foot traffic. Even though the floor space is just 3 square meters larger than our booth last year, opening up another wall makes a huge difference in the overall experience. People can easily move from one experience center to another, and try out our apps like DU Battery Saver, DU Speed Booster, Facemoji Keyboard and DU Caller. Our AI operating system DuerOS is on display at the very front of our booth for easy access.
Here are some of the other booths at MWC 2017 that we found unique and aesthetically pleasing.
Taptica: A modern pixelated design with a particleboard “workshop” feeling. The colorful blocks are reminiscent of toys, which makes the whole experience fun and playful.


mwc 3

ironSource: The party never stops at ironSource! We particularly like the duplex design with an upper level reserved for meeting clients.
mwc 4
Xura: A futuristic pod mixed with a nightclub – complete with changing colors and projections on the walls. Stepping into this booth makes you feel like you’ve set foot on another planet.
mwc 5