BEIJING, June 13, 2017 — Baidu, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIDU), the leading Chinese language Internet search provider, today announced that its Android file manager app ES File Explorer has added deep links for popular Office mobile file formats including Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android. The new feature, which is already live, allows ES File Explorer’s more than 80 million users to easily open Office files without having to manually switch apps. As part of the cooperation, Office mobile apps for Android will allow deep linking of file creation through ES File Explorer, which will be highlighted in the “What’s New” Panel.

ES File Explorer is a popular Android file manager that lets users browse and open video files, music files, images, documents and more. It also supports remote file management, media streaming and cloud storage. “Through this integration, we’re giving our users an easier, much more streamlined file management experience,” said ES File Explorer General Manager Mr. Feng Luo. “ES File Explorer users can manage all of their phone’s files, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint files, just like they would on a computer.”

Jared Spataro, General Manager, Office Marketing at Microsoft said, “We want the Office apps to be available on every platform and every device, and we’re pleased to partner with Baidu to integrate Office mobile applications for use with Baidu’s ES File Explorer on Android.”

In addition to supporting Office files, ES File Explorer includes the following features:

  • Robust file management capabilities: Cut, copy, paste, transfer and rename files.
  • Mobile storage: Built-in USB On-The-Go support.
  • File compression and decompression: Built-in support for ZIP and RAR formats.
  • File protection: Built-in support for file encryption and decryption.
  • Cloud storage: Supports Dropbox,, SugarSync, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive (SkyDrive), Amazon S3 and other popular cloud storage platforms.
  • Remote file management: Access files on your phone from your home computer, or vice versa.
  • Fast file transfer: Directly transfer files between mobile phones.
  • Remote media streaming: Stream audio and video files remotely (supports Google Chromecast).
  • TV management: Remotely manage your TV with your smartphone.
  • Intelligent system optimization: Effortlessly clean up junk files and optimize your smartphone.


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Baidu, Inc. is the leading Chinese language Internet search provider. Baidu aims to make a complicated world simpler for users and enterprises through technology. Baidu’s ADSs trade on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol “BIDU”. Currently, ten ADSs represent one Class A ordinary share.

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