Today marks the first day of MWC 2017, and the Baidu team is excited to be in Barcelona to share our latest developments in AI, international products, and overseas expansion. Seeing as this is Baidu’s second year to attend MWC, we’ve put together a hands-on demo of our AI tech and apps that will give you a sneak peek into the future of how we’ll interact with our devices. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect to see at our booth at Hall 8.1, App Planet Stand 8.1/G20.

A bigger Baidu family

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No matter what you hope to achieve from MWC, we have someone from our Baidu family there to meet up with you. Our global marketing team, our BD team, our maps team and our DuerOS team are at Baidu’s booth and ready to chat.

For the first time in Spain, we’ll be exhibiting our international apps Facemoji Keyboard and DU Caller. Facemoji Keyboard made a big debut last year at the world’s first-ever emoji conference Emojicon, which was held in San Francisco. The team behind the app recently designed and submitted three new Chinese cultural emoji to the Unicode Consortium – here’s hoping they make it into your keyboard in 2018.

DU Caller is Baidu’s caller ID protection app. Based on research conducted by the product team, roughly one in every seven calls in the U.S. is from a scammer or telemarketer. If you want to put an end to all those annoying calls interrupting your dinner, come by to try it out.

A ‘Little Fish’ with a big brain

We’re exhibiting Baidu’s DuerOS AI operating system on the decidedly adorable ‘Little Fish’ home robot that first debuted at CES in January (see article cover photo). DuerOS leverages Baidu’s speech recognition technology to understand conversational Mandarin Chinese. Use it to launch our apps DU Battery Saver and DU Speed Booster hands-free, order food, check the weather, plan a route to the nearest coffee shop and more.

Smarten up your ads with DU Ad Platform

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For developers and advertisers looking for a better choice in mobile ads, here’s your chance to learn about DU Ad Platform. DU Ad Platform’s traffic is from Baidu’s own app inventory of more than 2 billion users. That means it’s direct, visible and tangible – a huge advantage for advertisers. When you run an ad campaign, there’s absolutely no need for manual adjustment in the dashboard system; you just set up your ads and get started. And our “Peak Selection Algorithm” (a proprietary technology) ensures that your ad revenue will always be maximized.

Baidu Maps goes global

In China, Baidu Maps has long been the go-to solution for people on the move. But recently, it has evolved significantly. It now makes use of Baidu’s speech recognition tech to feed you directions hands-free. It includes HD mapping for highly accurate information – and to pave the way for autonomous vehicles, which need to be able to see curbs, potholes and irregularities in the pavement. With the help of machine learning technology, Baidu Maps automatically blurs potentially sensitive images like faces and car license plates. You can even view a heat map based on the real-time foot traffic in a given area. This is a particularly useful feature if you’re planning to visit a tourist site.

Throughout the course of last year, the Baidu Maps team steadily expanded the product’s coverage. It’s now available in 209 countries spanning six continents. That’s great news for world travelers.

Last but not least … come for the experience, stay for the prizes!

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