We’ve rounded up some data from our DU Caller app that reveals how spam and scam calls are affecting our daily lives. What we found was pretty alarming! Nearly 30% of calls received by people in the US were from unknown numbers and 10% of them were from scammers. That means that there is 1 out of 10 chance for you to lose your valuables or privacy to unscrupulous individuals.

Aside from people in the US, those from countries like Brazil, the UK, Taiwan, India, and South Africa are also regularly affected by spam and fraudulent calls. In fact, Baidu’s DU Caller app has managed to intercept over 43 million fraud calls globally. At the moment, DU Caller’s database of fraud numbers already exceeds 2 billion.

Check out the infographic below to see more of our findings and be sure to download DU Caller from the Google Play Store or App Store to avoid falling victim to scams and spam!

Baidu DU Caller Infographic on Phone Scam and Spam
DU Caller reveals some alarming data about mobile phone scams and spam.