Emoji fans rejoice, for today, July 17th 2017, marks the fourth annual World Emoji Day, a day when we can all proudly bask in the glory of our (not so secret) addiction to spamming friends and family alike with facepalms and smiling piles of poop. In the spirit of celebration, Baidu’s app HAHAmoji has put together a special set of animated GIFs to pay tribute to two of the world’s most beloved – and at times controversial – emojis: the poop and the eggplant.

Although the poop and eggplant emojis have an old and storied history, HAHAmoji uses cutting-edge technology to catapult them into the modern era. HAHAmoji uses AI-enabled facial recognition to transform your face into funny, eminently sharable GIFs.

HAHAmoji is available for free on iOS and Android; just click the links in this blog post to download it today! It currently offers the following animated expressions, plus more for you to discover on your own:

Extreme anger, Sly smile, Nose-picking, Mad as hell, Joy and sorrow, Epic face slap, Cutie cheek pinch, Sexy time, Shocked, Bull, and more.

To learn more about the origins of your favorite emojis, check out our post on the history of emojis courtesy of Facemoji Keyboard. And by the way, did you ever wonder why World Emoji Day is on July 17th?

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